Ontario Systems PowerUp

Custom General Session event production and design for Ontario Systems PowerUp


The Challenge

Enhance and produce the General Session to better engage attendees of PowerUp, an annual industry conference put on by Ontario Systems, a Midwest-based software company.

Our Solution


Event Production:

  • Point Source Audio
  • LED Video Wall
  • Black Truss Structure
  • Wireless Decor Uplighting
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Custom Logo Projection
  • Lighting Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Video Engineer
  • Pipe & Drape

Event Entertainment:

  • Live DJ

Planning & Consulting:

  • Tier 3

Full Description

From the early stages of planning, our client’s vision was to go big! The stage design had to be flexible to handle all the different types of sessions that would take place throughout the week. As this annual conference grew year after year, so did our client’s vision and this was the year it was all going to come to fruition. To create a big impact we based our design around an 18ft x 50ft LED video wall backdrop. Black trussing was utilized for all rigging to make the design look as sleek as possible. An array of intelligent lighting was brought in for stage, key and room lighting. Over 100 wireless lighting fixtures were positioned throughout all hallways and rooms occupied by the conference to help carry the theme of PowerUp wherever attendees went. Utilizing these fixtures along with a large video backdrop gave us a lot of flexibility to create unique looks for each individual session of the conference. A live DJ was added to create an energetic and fun experience for attendees as they entered each general session. Our staff was on site 24/7 to insure all aspects of the event were executed smoothly.

Photo Credit: Ontario Systems Venue: Marriott Indianapolis Downtown (Indianapolis, IN)

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