2017 Porsche 911 Launch Party


The Challenge

Debut the latest model of the Porsche 911 Carrera S in a way that captivates the audience and stays with the theme and feel of the Porsche brand.

Our Solution


Event Production:

  • Custom Logo Projection
  • Wireless Decor Uplighting
  • Wireless Spotlighting
  • Multi-Screen Video Presentation

Event Entertainment:

  • Event Host
  • Live DJ

Event Photo Solutions:

  • Event Photographer

Planning & Consulting:

  • Tier 3

Full Description

Wireless decor uplighting was added to enhance and add color to the showroom floor of Tom Wood Porsche. Wireless lighting was hung to help spot light and unveil the car while it was hidden underneath a branded car cover. A large Tom Wood logo was projected onto an empty wall to help maximum brand exposure. Our live DJ and event host helped keep the upbeat vibe in place while directing customers to the important moments of the event. 80″ media screens were used during the car unveiling to better enhance the spectacle.


Photo Credit: Aimed Photography

Venue: Tom Wood Porsche (Indianapolis, IN)

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